Author: Diana Vasina

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Work process

Arte terapia en el balcón – es la mejor manera para entrar en el mundo de los colores y de la abstracción.No hay mejor manera de disfrutar y estar tranquilo en casa en cuarentena.

Works on the restoration of frescoes

On this occasion, I was fortunate to enter the team of restorers who were working on the restoration of ancient frescoes. Everything was made with natural materials which are very demanding and unpredictable. We worked in a 5m above the ground, so any correction involved many hours of hard work. The process of the colors

The first personal interview in Finland “Piece of the Sky”

Thanks to “KAUNIIT KODIT GALERIA” magazine for the publication and also to Saska Aaltonen for the nice article.   Beatiful ceiling frescos have often classical topics of art, such as nature, religion and everyday life. In the olden times there were nearly no other topics. Also, nowadays it is important to remember that the chosen