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At the first part of my life, I spent a lot of time in nature, in the forest. And it has taught me to observe the course of nature — slow but implacable. This image of nature appears again and again in my artistic processes in a new invincible form, embedded in the very essence of human beings and society.
The forces of the course of nature, in spite of all the imbalance and traumas of the human collective, still command it to develop according to the same laws of evolution.

In the first period of my work, I researched the form and its natural perfection. But in the process, the content started fascinating me more and more. Questions like:
What is the logic of the form? And what is that complex movement? Started arising within me. And I was working out my methods of expression on the causal matter of the form: its evolution. Evolution or the interaction and the development of living beings that started to appear in my artworks. Often unintentionally.

In my artworks, I’m trying to attempt balance; the sense of harmony of the world in which there is a place for everything. And on the other hand, faith as such that implies that we close our eyes to logic, to certainty.
In my understanding, the material is intertwined with the spiritual, they grow into each other, forming a complete image of the world.

Mural painting

Creating and designing interior and exterior decoration mural projects in scale. Using the acrylic and fresco techniques, mosaics and stucco. Painting of walls, ceilings and

other surfaces.  Drawing by hand.

Extensive experience working with clients from different countries (India, Russia, Ukraine, Finland and Spain) and also in different styles.



 Stained glass


 Tiffany glass technique and traditional lead stained glass technique. Experience in foundry technique and glass formation.

I work with enamel. Ceramics (formation, ceramic sintering and painting).



Illustration and design


 Creation of illustrations in a variety of styles and techniques. Design of children’s books, games and magazines.

Great drawing experience in illustration by hand and with graphic tablet. CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator programs.

Skill in modeling and 3D drawing (3DsMax).

Specialist of  design of promotional products, extensive experience in corporate identity creation and outdoor advertising

(logos, business cards, banners, calendars, etc.)

Skills in interior and exterior design.


2019. Basque Country, Deba.
50th Outdoor painting contest.
First local classified.

2019. Ukraine, Kiev.
International Congress Center “Ukrainian House”
Exibition “Gimn Svitly”

2019. Spain, Madrid.
Eugénio Trías Municipal Public Library.
Exibition “Ellas hablan”

2018. Spain, Granada.
XIX Edition Young Painting Prize
Exhibition Hall “Grand Captain”

2017. Russian Federation, Sergiev Posad
Gallery “Art Baza” Exhibition “Art Diplomasy “

2015. Ukraine, Kharkov, gallery “Buzok”
Exhibition “Trypilski kazky”

2014. Ukraine, Donetsk,
Donetsk Regional Art Museum
International charity modern art exhibition “Art action”

2014. Ukraine, Kharkov,
Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Ermilov Center
Exhibition project “Countrapunkt”

2012. Ukraine, Kharkov,
“Buzok” gallery
Exhibition “Trypilskymy shlahamy”

2011. Ukraine, Kharkov,
“Maestro” gallery
Exhibition “Vid trypilla do sogodenna”



2014. Ukraine,Donetsk,
Catalog of International charitable exhibition of modern art “Art action”

2017.Finland, Helsinki.
Magazine «Galleria/ Kauniit kodit»
Article, interview

2017. Finland, Helsinki.
Magazine «Antikki & design»

2018. Finland, Helsinki
Magazine “Raitis.Fi”
Article, interview